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    Education in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning in USA/Canada – Degree Programs

    This page lists degree programs in USA/Canada that give BA, MS, or Ph.D. in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning or related topics. See also Online education, Bootcamps, Certificates, and degree programs in other parts of the world on Education 500彩票下载app二维码page.

    US: Northeast | US: South | US: Midwest | US: West | Canada | More resources


    • , exploring cutting-edge data mining techniques and Applications. New Britain, CT.
    • , designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can harness advanced business analytics and project management skills. Hartford, CT.


    • , Washington, DC.
    • , Washington, DC.
    • , combining public policy analysis with the cutting-edge computational, mathematical, statistical methods. Washington, DC.
    • , an intensive 10-month format designed for the full-time student or a part-time, two-year format designed for the working professional. Washington, DC.
    • , concentration in Data Sciences, Washington, DC.
    • , Washington, DC.
    • , Washington, DC.


    • , will help you500彩票下载app二维码 learn how to harness and process massive amounts of data to help design products, predict the effects of marketing campaigns, and better understand you500彩票下载app二维码r customers. College Park, MD.


    • , teaches students how to become more engaged with consumers, how to design and deliver robust statistical analysis, and how to effectively communicate the resulting insights. Waltham, MA.
    • , online, part-time and flexible. Waltham, MA.
    • , Worcester, MA.
    • , including a major focus on machine learning and analyzing and visualizing very large data sets. Cambridge, MA.
    • , includes BA and Graduate programs related to Data Science. Amherst, MA.
    • , Worcester, MA.

    New Hampshire:

    • , a one-year residential, applied, interactive program where students work in teams, learning skills and then applying those skills to industry supplied data and problems.

    New Jersey:

    • program teaches students the in-demand skills in programming, statistics, ML, and data visualization via hands-on, project based coursework. Complete you500彩票下载app二维码r degree in a hybrid format in under 2 years. Mahwah, NJ.
    • , prepares students for data-driven decision making; brings together fields of data management, statistics, machine learning and computation. New Brunswick, NJ.
    • , Jersey City, NJ.
    • , Hoboken, NJ.
    • , Trenton, NJ.
    • , Trenton, NJ.

    New York:

    • , New York, NY.
    • , New York, NY.
    • , on-campus, Ithaca, NY.
    • : an affordable, accessible program designed to make sense of real-world phenomena and everyday activities by mining big data to uncover patterns, relationships, and trends.
    • will prepare you500彩票下载app二维码 for a career in this fast-growing field by giving you500彩票下载app二维码 the tools to find the story behind vast amounts of data. New York, NY.
    • , 12-weeks course, in partnership with Datascope Analytics. New York, NY, USA.
    • , New York, NY.
    • , New York, NY.
    • , 2-year MS program.
    • , New York, NY and Westchester, NY.
    • , provides hands-on experience through real-world problem solving, with a capstone course. Troy, NY.
    • , Queens, NY.
    • , Syracuse, NY.
    • , offers BS in Data Science, Professional MS in Computer Science, MA/MS in Medical Statistics and also related PhD programs. Rochester, NY.
    • 30-credit program provides comprehensive training in analysis, techniques, and tools to build predictive and descriptive models. Online or on-campus, New York City, NY.


    • , designed to train students to become tomorrow's leaders in the rapidly growing area of data mining.
    • , developing an elite set of graduates cross-trained in business process analysis and skilled in predictive modeling, GIS mapping, analytical reporting, segmentation analysis, and data visualization.
    • , explores quantitative methods, uncovering relationships through data analysis, and the use of data to solve business problems. Philadelphia, PA.
    • , in association with Villanova and Ohio State.
    • , for business professionals. Philadelphia, PA.


    • , Jacksonville, FL.
    • , Orlando, FL.
    • . Orlando, FL.

    • , Highland Heights, KY.
    • , address the need for trained professionals in the interdisciplinary field of data mining. Louisville, KY.

    • , Norman, OK.
    • , with 3 SAS certificate options, on-campus (full-time students) and online (part-time working professionals). Stillwater, OK.


    • , focus on predictive modeling with some business training, open to working professionals with strong quantitative skills. On-campus and via live video stream. Houston, TX.
    • , combines methods from Operations research, Statistics, Information systems, Machine learning and computer science. Austin, TX.
    • center, offering , and . Denton, TX.


    • , Fairfax, VA.
    • , learn how to extract information from the flood of big data. Fairfax, VA.
    • , Decision Analytics, provides students with knowledge of quantitative skills and experience in analyzing problems arising in a business environment. On-campus weeknight class meetings in Richmond, VA.
    • , an 11-month professional masters program, designed to meet the increasingly data-intensive needs of industry and government. Charlottesville, VA.

    Other states: LA, SC, NC, TN:
    • , a combination of statistics, mathematics, data base programming and machine learning. Charleston, SC.
    • , emphasizes the use of advanced data management tools and applied statistical and operations research techniques to analyze large real-world data sets to increase return on investment, improve customer retention, reduce fraud and improve decision making. Baton Rouge, LA.
    • , designed to give students a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, applications and practice of advanced analytics. Raleigh, NC.
    • , develop an understanding of business and the needed business skills, along with the analytic skills to solve business problems. Knoxville, TN.


    • , training in skills required for a career in predictive analytics, including the ability to analyze big data, build models, fundamentals of marketing and CRM, and effective communication skills. Chicago, IL.
    • , online. Elmhurst College is in Chicago, IL.
    • , prepares you500彩票下载app二维码 to be a forward-thinking marketer, who can convert data into insights, transform information into communication, and translate marketing analytics into competitive advantage. Chicago, IL.
    • , interdisciplinary program preparing well-rounded data scientists, with curriculum combining theory and practical skill, including problem formulation, data analytics, qualitative reasoning, business communication, and professional ethics. Chicago, IL.
    • , integrates data science, IT, and business applications into three areas of data analysis: predictive (forecasting), descriptive (BI/data mining) and prescriptive (optimization and simulation). Evanston, IL.
    • , online program at School of Continuing Studies, Builds expertise in advanced analytics, data mining, database management, financial analysis, predictive modeling, quantitative reasoning and web analytics, as well as advanced communication and leadership.
    • , 32-credit-hour program, integrates data mining, statistics, machine learning, data management and BI with business applications and understanding of analytics strategy and practice in organizations. Chicago, IL.
    • , Urbana-Champaign, IL.
    • , combines the mathematical and statistical training of the traditional MS in Statistics with enhanced computational and data analytic training for those planning careers in information intensive industries or research. Urbana-Champaign, IL.
    • , is offered both as a full and part-time program in downtown Chicago, giving students thorough knowledge of techniques in the field of analytics and the ability to apply them to real-world scenarios in the business world. Chicago, IL.


    • , Bloomington, IN.
    • , Online, Residential, or Hybrid Option and an Accredited Data Science Certificate program. Bloomington, IN.
    • , trains students in the statistical and computational tools used in today's Big Data business environment. Notre Dame, IN.
    • , Lafayette, IN.
    • , Notre Dame, IN.

    • , offered in a hybrid online/oncampus format with a bundled tuition package for those professionals looking to increase their knowledge and value in analytics. Dubuque, IA.
    • is an interdisciplinary program focused on business, and includes exploring the role of ethics and social value associated with big data collection and usage. Dubuque, IA.
    • , combining foundational knowledge in business analytics and information systems with extensive practical experience. Iowa City, IA.
    • , a 10-course evening MS program that prepares working professionals with in-depth expertise in business analytics. Offered at Cedar Rapids, IA; Davenport, IA; Des Moines, IA.
    • . Sixteen month intensive full-time program in business analytics. Offered on the Iowa City, IA campus.
    • . Doctoral program for those interested in pursuing research in business analytics and related areas to prepare for careers in academia or industry. Iowa City, IA.

    • at the Broad College of Business, East Lansing, MI.
    • , designed for students who want to solve important business problems through the analysis of data and statistics. Dearborn, MI.


    • prepares talented professionals to harvest, process, and analyze data to extract important insights and taught by world-class faculty. Minneapolis, MN.
    • . Minneapolis, MN.

    • , Kansas City, MO.


    • , Omaha, NE.

    • is an interdisciplinary major that combines CS and Statistics with project-oriented classes, an applied domain, a practicum, and an internship. Writing, communication, and ethical handling of data are emphasized throughout. Granville, OH.
    • , in association with Villanova and Ohio State.
    • (undergraduate major), Columbus, OH. The program combines courses from Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and students can elect to specialize in one of three tracks - Business Analytics, Health Analytics or Computational Analytics.
    • , combining operations research and applied statistics, using applied mathematics and computer applications, in a business environment. Cincinnati, OH.
    • , enable students to manage and analyze large databases, make informed and ethical decisions. Cincinnati, OH.



    • , at W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State U., Tempe, AZ.
    • at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ.


    • , includes concentration in Data Science and Systems. Berkeley, CA.
    • , a comprehensive, 10-month interdisciplinary business degree program that offers a holistic approach to data analytics. San Luis Obispo, CA.
    • , Orange, CA.
    • , Orange, CA.
    • , in collaboration with U. of New Haven, offering Master of Engineering in Big Data. Classes held in San Francisco, CA.
    • is a full-fledged, industry-aligned graduate degree program catering to students and working professionals.
    • , offers Data Mining and Applications certificate program for managers and professionals. Stanford, CA.
    • , covers the principles of modern database and information management systems and methods for mining massive data sets.
    • , an intensive 10-month collaborative scrum for aspiring leaders in the digital economy. San Francisco, CA.
    • , Riverside, CA.
    • , San Diego, CA.
    • at the Rady School of Management is an intensive program that will provide you500彩票下载app二维码 with the skills to succeed in data-rich business environments.
    • , 12 months, in-class and online. San Francisco, CA.
    • , provides students with a core background in Computer Science and specialized algorithmic, statistical, and systems expertise. Los Angeles, CA.
    • . The most successful students in this program will have the option to enroll in a 4+1 program with USF's own . San Francisco, CA.
    • , provides students with the skills necessary to develop techniques and processes for data-driven decision-making. San Francisco, CA.

    • , Aurora, CO.
    • - Harness the power of data to propel you500彩票下载app二维码r career forward, and earn a degree or certificate in these analytics-based programs: , , , and .
    • at Daniel's School of Business, Denver, CO.

    • , Seattle, WA and online.
    • . Data analytics meets business strategy in this 12-month evening and weekend program from the top-ranked UW Foster School of Business. Seattle, WA.
    • , new evening program for working professionals, taught by faculty from six top-ranked UW departments and the eScience Institute. Seattle, WA.
    • is a multi-disciplinary program, combining on-campus classes on select Saturdays, and asynchronous online learning, teaching students how to gather, model, and analyze data, and building smart, data-drive solutions. Tacoma, WA.

    Other Western States: AZ
    • , Tempe, AZ.


    • , offering PhD and Masters in Machine Learning and Deep Learning related topics. Montreal, QC, Canada.
    • , Halifax, NS, Canada.
    • , Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    • , a one-year program which gives students the skills to manage real-world data, and the statistical techniques to analyze it, and present the information effectively to decision makers. East of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    • , focuses on the integration of information technologies with business processes and strategies within a dynamic legal and business environment. Ottawa, ON, Canada
    • , offering Data Mining Graduate course and Data Mining in Engineering Group.
    • , focus on developing the quantitative and technical skills the industry demands, coupled with the communication skills and strategic mind set to transform data into a competitive asset. Toronto, ON, Canada.

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